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Want an AT HOME SKIN REJUVENATION TREATMENT that takes less than 3 minutes!? ⁠

For a limited time when you purchase the B3+ serum you can grab a derma roller for just $20! (that's a saving of $59.95!)⁠

⁠The B3+ is our BEST SELLING serum!⁠

Here's why:⁠

  • evens out skin tone and clarity, ⁠
  • treats hyperpigmentation, acne & rosacea ⁠
  • optimises cell and skin function & hydration⁠
  • contains a peptide which stimulates production of⁠
  • collagen & reduces wrinkle depth by 29% in one month!⁠

⁠Team it up with your Derma Roller and you have an amazing AT HOME SKIN REJUVENATION TREATMENT!⁠

⁠The Derma Roller painlessly rejuvenates skin:⁠

  • collagen induction⁠
  • scar reduction⁠
  • product infusion⁠
  • reduce lines & wrinkles⁠
  • reduce congestion & enlarged pores⁠
  • reduce pigmentation⁠
  • reduce body stretch marks⁠

while stocks last.

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